Tuesday, August 6, 2013

What Bowling Green is missing

     Bowling Green, Kentucky is home. This reasonably sized town has most of the comforts of a larger city. Though the one thing I still find missing is an artisan bakery. We have a Panera and they have good artisan loaves. Not the same though as some place that is exclusive to Bowling Green. We had a good bakery in Bread and Bagel. It is now a tattoo parlor after changing hands and purposes many times. Then a Great Harvest appeared, slightly better than a Panera but not as good as the local Bread and Bagel.

     Bread and Bagel was the place I went for my afternoon snack twice a week, getting an everything bagel with plain cream cheese. I'd then sit with this delectable treat watching Redwall on PBS and wishing I was at the feasts that the mice were having. Later after I could drive myself, I would stop by before school and eat. It was a part of my experience growing up and enhanced my love of baked goods. Nothing could beat that warm bagel torn and dipped into the cool cream cheese. They had more than bagels of course, the focaccia was the perfect thing to take for a day on the lake. Take a hunk of focaccia, a slice of cheese, and a cluster of red grapes and that is lunch on the lake. The worst day was when Bread and Bagel turned into an Irish Pub that no longer served bread.

     That is about the time that Great Harvest opened. I had high hopes for Great Harvest. It lived up to some. It could make great rolls and soft sandwich loaves. It failed at providing a place to get a French Boule or really any type of Artisan loaf. It recently closed and another place to get fresh bread in Bowling Green died with it.

     Someone in Bowling Green please start a new artisan bakery, I'd visit you daily to get bread/pastries. I would still make my own bread but sometimes you can't reproduce a baguette baked in a professional oven.


  1. Agreed. I've not sampled the JD Bakery downtown nor the one next to Mary Jane's.
    While in Jackson Hole, WY I ate O.S.M. bread (oats, sunflower, millet) at the Bunnery Bakery. The quality of the flavors were the best I've ever had which piqued my interest in bread.
    Today seems to be about craft beer; hopefully tomorrow is about craft bread.

  2. JD Bakery has good sourdough sandwich loaves and good pies but nothing like craft bread. I use JD for their tasty milk more than anything else. The one next to Mary Jane's the last time I was in focused on cupcakes and pastries (they have good cupcakes). Yes, when I went to King Arthur flour and had their baked goods I was blown away from the quality and flavor. Let's try and make tomorrow about craft bread.