Sunday, August 4, 2013

The wonderful food

     Bread: the most delicious way to eat grains. It is versatile food product that can be simple like a rustic french boule with only four ingredients to exotic breads like chocolate chip zucchini bread. Bread is used as a holder for other food or simply lathering it with butter. The smell of freshly baked bread signifies a warm, comfort place about to feed you.

     Bread in some sort or fashion links us to humans in every culture. It also connects us to so much of the past at least 30,000 years. Jesus passes the bread on the night he died and bread was and still is used as a staple for many. I am trying to continue this tradition of bread in our lives. If you like the whitest sandwich loaf at the grocery store or the most dark and organic loaf at the local artisan bakery, you are apart of the tradition of bread.

      I will post on this blogs my struggles and successes with bread. Reviews of equipment, must haves for the bakers kitchen and other sundry topics. Join me on an adventure through baking (you are sure to eat well)!

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