Monday, August 12, 2013

A trip to baker's paradise

     King Arthur Flour Company is a great company for bakers on any skill level. They offer pans, tools, and flour for every baker's needs. They offer great support and classes to enhance your skills. I had the privilege of going on vacation to visit their flagship store in Vermont. This was a dream come true! Better than Disney World for a baker. I spent several hours roaming the shelfs, picking out merchandise, and came back later that day to take a biscuit and scone class.

    If I was driving I probably would have bought bulk flour and even more goods that are hard to find in Bowling Green. Instead the airplane had weight constraints that I didn't want to pay to overcome. But I did have an extra bag to fill. So I bought hard to find tools and supplies for my kitchen.

At the entrance

     Since I got to visit this perfect place on my birthday I even got a cake from their bakery and it was tasty. And better than that I got to take a class. A dream come true. The class was on making biscuits and scones which added another level of awesomeness to the pilgrimage. 

   Here I am mixing up the biscuit dough and enjoying a great baking lesson. I learned that not all biscuits have to have butter/lard in them to be delicious and that Northerners can make okay biscuits. Nothing like a good southern biscuit but passable. It strengthened my techniques in making scones and biscuits. And reminded me that I love to bake. Still working on finding that great biscuit recipe but I am getting closer. 

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